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Well, hello there. Before I get to the main part of this entry, I wanna do a quick introduction.
My (nick)name is obviously DraconNoctem, 27 years of age and I play PC and video games for roughly 20 years XD
And I am also the first moderator since ashlaran  created this community (hopefully not the last).
Regarding the games I play, you will propably mostly get entries about RPG and Racing, but from time to time there might sneak in some Action and Strategy.

So, I hope that is enough about myself as a person, let's get to the main topic, as stated in the title:
Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron Unlimited (or DDO for short)

DDO is based (what a surprise) on the Pen and Paper DnD system (rule version 3.5 to be precise), therefore it is different to play than any other MMORPG i encountered so far.
First difference is that this is one of the few MMORPGs where you can have two to four classes with one character (but you have to know the classes to do an effective combination) and you have to take care of your own stats like strength, dexterity etc. since the class you choose does NOT define the stats and their increase for you.
Something I admit either takes experience from PnP or patience and determination to deal with.
Skills are following the same procedure: it's up to the player himself what skills he wants to raise and which not.
(If you are a rogue but do not raise your Disable Device skill you don't have to be surprised if you can't deal with the most simple traps, though). Character creation can be quite discouraging for players who never before played DnD in any way.

Second difference towards other MMORPGs I encountered so far is the fact that DDO requires players to cooperate.
Sure, you can do the first quests on your own (especially if you are a Fighter, Paladin or Cleric) but at a certain points the traps and monsters get so deadly, that it is wiser to get a Cleric to heal you, and a Rogue to take care of the traps. And then maybe a caster, too, and some extra muscle can't hurt, either.
Like in Pen and Paper, it's all up to get a well balanced group together to have higher chances to succeed at quests.
[For some reasons - and that has to be adressed now - I was able to meet players between lv5-10 who downright hated DDO for requiring group play and thought that WoW is a thousand times better but couldn't give me an answer when asked why they played DDO anyway if they hate it.]
A fighter on his own is very likely about to die by traps, a rogue on his own stands no chance against an angry mob.

Third difference is the complexity of things one has to know and be prepared for. On the first few levels it's quite simple to defeat your opposing NPCs. Approach them, and hack 'em until they're dead. Done. On later levels, it isn't that easy anymore. You'll meet incorporal undead (Wraiths, Spectres, Shadows) who stand 50 % chance that a normal blade passes through them without doing damage, so you either have to be a caster... or you have to carry a Ghost Touch weapon with you to negate this 50 % chance. Other monsters (like Trolls) regenerate unless you hit them with certain weapons or have a damage reduction. And there are even monsters that heal up if you hit them with the wrong kind of weapon or spell (try fighting a Clay Golem with an Acid weapon... Go on, try it!). So it isn't that uncommon that Wizards and Clerics ask what mosnters are to be expected in a quest so they can prepare the proper spells.

A nice thing about DDO is that it is basically Free to Play. But an Online Game can't survive if it has no way of getting money, so like all the other MMORPGs out there it has a store where you can buy stuff. Ranging from weapons to special items (like rest shrines you can summon in a dungeon) and adventure packs and VIP-races and classes.
With some patience you can earn store points, since every quest earns you "Favor", and each time you reach a certain amount of total Favor you get Store Points for free, and it works for each character you got seperately. Some premium features can even be unlocked for a server via the Favor System (for example: once one character reaches 400 total favor you are allowed to create Drow characters on that server).
Downside is that from lv15 on, it is very hard to level up, because there are close to no free to play quests for that level :/
But I admit that the price for the smallest Store Point pack is rather cheap, and since you get 2 additional Character Slots once you buy your first pack of Store Points, you got the means to collect free Store Points quite easily.

So, for now I leave it with that, next time I might write something about the races and classes. :) until then

Edit: uhm, ashlaran: I DID give the entry tags, but somehow it won't show them in the tag-list of the community nor the entry itself O.o


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hm weird, i added tags for you, tell me if they are ok.
Jan. 12th, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
exactly the tags i wanted it to have :)
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