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2. rift ... 2nd beta day

 alright, my husband woke me up this morning with those words "i think there is an open rift waiting for you". sure enough, after waiting endlessly last night, i gave up at around 5am and went to sleep since the servers were still down. so i made my coffee, started my machine and when i came back, entered the world of rift.
i entered with my mage and i tried to take screenshots, since i really dig the graphics. it turns out i cannot take screenshots, because it is a beta. i was so smart and grabbed my cam, so i will post some monitor shots of the game at the end of my report.

i decided to start crafting today and i went for runecrafting, outfitting and butchering:
runecrafting covers enchanting items as well as breaking down items into rune components for enchanting. 
outfitting covers working with cloth and leather, and you are also able to break down unwanted items thorugh a skill called salvaging.
butchering let's you skin dead animals and also work on the leather for further progress. 

crafting overall seems somewhat complex until you figure it out, which is not hard to do if you played mmos before and love crafting as i do. 

so i looked in my inventory and i gathered gold up fast into platinum heights (i think it is platinum, it won't say it lol), so i thought it's easy to make money, but then.. a mount costs like 20 platinum, so i forgot about that thought. also, economy in betas is probably something you shouldn't take serious at all.

the class system is nuts.
you start as one of the classical types: warrior, rogue, cleric, mage.
the first quest let's you choose your first soul, which was a chloromancer. as i moved on i was able to choose to further souls, which were warlock and archon, suggested for chloromancer. you can take different paths but i thought you might need some experience. each soul-class has a unique soul-tree (skill tree), so you can really craft your character how you like to. 

so yeah i am playing more now, more tomorrow or on monday :)



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